Become a better pitcher. Hard work, confidence and old school fundamentals.

As a lifelong pitcher, and now being able to teach and coach the game I love, here are the things that I always lived by as a pitcher and preach to my students on becoming a great pitcher.

1. Compete and want the ball.

2. Mound presence and confidence. That is your mound when you are out there. Own it!

3. Composure and the ability to never lose focus and overcome adversity.

4. Command of at least two pitches that you are comfortable throwing in any count.

5. Changing speeds and keeping the hitters off balance.

6. Throwing strikes and pounding the strike zone. Keep yourself and your team in the game.

7. Athleticism. Work hard and be able to go deep into games and repeat your delivery over and over.

8. Put in the work.

9. Learn to be a pitcher and not a thrower.

10. Respect the game.

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