I first met Gino while assembling a pitching program to advance our Sandlot Bee’s 10U club team. Within minutes of contacting him I found myself on the phone with a guy who clearly cared about what he was doing. A few weeks later he came down for an initial work out with a number of our pitchers and completely connected with our players. He carries himself with a demeanor that the players respected. We spent ten weeks working on player mechanics and began to see advancements in our teams pitching capability. Coach Gino also took the time to invest in my coaching capability so that I could be an extension of him with my team. His services are of such quality that a few of our player families are making a nearly 40 mile trek to meet him for weekly individual lessons. Coach Gino is a baseball lifer with a passion for sharing his knowledge of pitching. If you are looking for a coach for your player and you are reading this review...stop looking...you just found your coach.
— Scott Allen
Gino Grasso is a gifted coach. I have watched plenty of private coaches with my four children over the years and I have to say that nothing compares to what I see in watching Coach Grasso with students. Coaches are former players and know how to play the game but a select few can actually translate that into lessons that make sense to children learning the game. His mastery of the mechanics of pitching is spot on. Additionally, he supports the mental toughness these kids need to succeed on the field. Its the whole package.
— Chris Nix
Deciding on a coach to take your child to the next level is so crucial to the success of your child in that sport. Matching a coach to your expectation is almost an impossibility. But I have to say Coach Gino not only matched our expectations but exceeded it on every level. He breaks down every movement, every strategy is understood by even the most novice bystander. He stresses the importance of practice, accountability, and hard work. He teaches the physical fundamentals as well as the mental fundamentals. He has given my son the tools to be successful as not only a pitcher but as a baseball player. A coach can only reap the rewards of his success by the success of his students and coach Gino will see the success for years to come. We can never thank you enough!
— Yvonne Talarico
Our son Quinn, a junior in high school has made significant progress with Gino over the winter in just a few months. Gino has improved his form, technique and increased his velocity (to 90mph so far). He teaches him how to stretch and protect his arm, while increasing strength and effectiveness. But more than that we have seen Quinn’s confidence and belief in himself grow. Gino is tough and positive, honest and fun — We can’t wait to see what our son will accomplish this season and this year with Gino!
— Jenna Oliver
Our son Noah started working with Coach Gino this past winter. In a short time he not only has improved his pitching with technique, form and understanding the mechanics of proper pitching but we have seen a change in his self confidence and the way he carries himself. We have worked with other pitching coaches in the past and Gino is hands down the best. He is honest with his students as far as their ability goes and what they need to do to better themselves. Coach Gino is positive and encouraging even when giving criticism. He is dedicated to his students and committed to helping them succeed and reach their goals.
— Sara Brazzell
Our teenage son Jordan has been doing pitching lessons with Gino for some time now. All of our kids have been involved in sports and we have had plenty of experience with coaches. Gino is one of those rare coaches that absolutely knows the impact a coach can have on your child. He uses the game to teach about life. He understands life as a parent. He uses pitching to help our kids stay focused and well rounded. He has stayed a positive in our child’s life when he faced immense difficulty with a coach. He encourages and supports family life, again from a place of understanding. Watch the videos he posts of his pitchers, listen to his unrelenting encouragement and guidance. In ALL of our experience with other adults guiding and leading our children and our study of “parenting with love and logic” Gino has proven himself a worthy, fellow, healthy adult, and we welcome him into our village of parenting.
— Mindy Hofmeister Kirklin
Finding a coach that is not only genuinely dedicated to the sport but also to the kids they are coaching is hard to find. Coach Grasso’s dedication, hard work and love of baseball is very apparent in all that he does and proves that he is the perfect coach for these kids. He takes pride in himself and the students he is able to mentor. He holds the kids to a high level of expectations and gives that to them in return. Having a competitive teenage athlete I realize the huge influence that coaches have over our children. Gino is one of a kind and has an impact on the kids that goes way beyond the field. His old school coaching techniques along side with his focus on the mental aspect of being an athlete gives these student the tools they need to be confident and successful not only when they are playing the game but also during their day to day activity. That right there is a game changer. I am grateful for the time and work he puts into making a difference in these young athletes lives. It is truly remarkable!
— Corinna Keller
I first met coach Grasso when he did a clinic in Grand Junction with his Denver Browns team. Ever since then I had looked for a way to get coach Grasso back over to the Western Slope. Just the one camp had made such an impact with my son that you could see a huge difference in him from a mental and mechanical standpoint. My son was also very excited when he heard coach Grasso was coming back to put on a clinic in Grand Junction and after the clinic he has not stopped asking when he would be able to do more. Not only does he have a great knowledge of baseball, he knows how to motivate kids to want to be better ball players.
— Tim Ochoa, Mesa Mavs (Grand Junction, CO)
Simply put, Gino is an outstanding coach and mentor. It has certainly been fun to see the significant progress both my boys have made under Gino’s tutelage. Even better, though, is the confidence and enthusiasm they boys have developed since Gino started working with them. They can’t wait to start their seasons and put into action what they’ve learned from Gino. Additionally, Gino has a calm and positive demeanor that works well. I recommend him without reservation.
— Matt Finnigan
My sons Chasyn and Konrad have been fortunate enough to have worked with Coach Gino for over two years. They were some of his very first students. Gino has a passion for the game which translates to his coaching. He believes in fundamentals and learning the proper mechanics to be successful as a pitcher. His instruction has increased their velocity and accuracy and most important....their confidence on the mound. This confidence translates to their overall play. Gino holds himself to a higher standard as an athlete and as a coach. He would take it personally if he was not successful in coaching. He cares for his students and their success in the game. Gino still has a kids love for this game and his enthusiasm in coaching elevates anyone around him. Could not recommend Gino more as a coach.
— Corey Johnson
My son Austin has not been seeing Gino Grasso for very long, only a few months. My son a lefty pitcher has almost 12 years of baseball experience is physically fit, and he came to Gino with very good fundamentals from some very good previous coaching. Still, my son wants to do his best, and coaching is the only way to improve. Gino quickly evaluated my son’s skill level, and was able to see where he could improve. With some minor technique changes, Austin was pitching better in the first few lessons. Best of all, Gino was able to explain the changes to Austin so he understood what was causing the improvement. Austin got it, and works to maintain those improvements. Lately, Gino has been working to get Austin to use his legs more in his pitching (rather than just upper body). In just one lesson, even I could see more power in his pitching. Gino is great at seeing each student’s strengths and weakness, and individualizing their training to show improvement. Gino Grasso also coaches my younger son, who is a righty with a completely different style and less experience, and Gino has a completely different program for him (and he’s also improving).

I have seen some great coaches over the years, and Gino is among the best. He is also a great motivator. He connects with the boys in good ways, but he also encourages them and cheers them on. He points out the good things they do, and points out every improvement. It has kept both boys motivated. He pushes the boys to keep up with their fitness, and gives them things to do at home to keep them improving. I always worry about the boys getting bored with baseball, but Gino’s love for the game is infectious and both are always excited about going to lessons.

Good coaching is hard to find, great coaching is even harder, and Gino is a great coach. No matter how good your kid is, coaching is still important. If you have a baseball pitcher that wants to be the best, get them some time with Gino, you will see an improvement. I can’t wait to see my sons pitch this season, and see the improvements Gino has helped make.
— Marvin Sasser
Gino has worked wonders with my 12 year old son. He had some big flaws in his delivery and Gino had them worked out in only 2 sessions! Now he has him working on strengthening and fine tuning some things. My son’s confidence is sky high right...we can’t wait to start the baseball season. Go see Gino, you won’t be disappointed.
— Paul Jenson
Gino has been coaching my 9 year old for only 6 months now, but he has already made such a difference in his ability. He has such an amazing rapport with the kids he coaches and really knows how to bring out their talent.
— David Zahner
I cannot thank Coach Gino enough. Our son, after only a few lessons, has blossomed tremendously. Fundamentally, Coach is amazing. He takes his time with every child watching their every move and analyzing it so that he can make each of his kids the best they can be. He not only teaches fundamentals of pitching, he also teaches the mental game. Our son’s confidence has excelled since going to Coach Gino.
— Lisa Lombard Hodnet
Gino has been working with Landen (Roosevelt HS) for almost six months and the changes we have seen in such a short time is remarkable. We noticed a difference in Landen’s mechanics almost immediately. Landen has much more confidence and looks forward to learning and growing as a pitcher. Gino is also dedicated in helping him achieve his goals. Gino cares just as much about the individual he is training along with the athlete he is developing. That is very important to us and we would recommend Gino!
— Jayme Gomez
My 9yr old son has been taking lessons from Gino for some time now. To find a coach as patient and dedicated to the kids as Gino is can be a rare find. My son has grown so much under Gino’s coaching!!
— Niki Schreiber, mother of Alex S.